Live from the 2017 State Singles Championships

chat_20x20Click Here to open the chat window, or Go to YouTube-40x17 for the live video and chat side-by-side. To send messages, you must be logged into YouTube using your Google account login (if you don’t have one already, they are freehere), then click on the text “Say something…” at the bottom. We are sorry that this is a little not-so-obvious.

YouTube has imposed a speed-bump that only allows 3 comments every 30 seconds, so please be patient. Also, be aware that the stream buffer takes about 30 seconds. This means that when you post a comment about something you just saw in the video, other viewers like yourself will be seeing that same video at the same time that you do (or did), but for the announcers covering the action, what you just saw actually took place some 30 seconds ago, which typically translates into 2 or 3 rallies.

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